IceNLP is open source software for analyzing and processing Icelandic texts. The software is implemented in Java and consists of the following components: tokeniser, unknown word guesser, part-of-speech tagger, lemmatiser, parser and named-entity recogniser. 

The software was originally developed as a part of Hrafn Loftsson's Ph.D. study during the years 2004-2007. Since then, students at the University of Reykjavík and the University of Iceland have helped in developing individual components.

About IceNLP

IceNLP can be used for various tasks, such as breaking up text into individual tokens, tagging each token with its morphosyntactic tag, finding the lemma of a particular word and returning a shallow phrase structure and labels indicating syntactic functions. 

Individual components of IceNLP can be run independently or the JAVA clusters in question connected directly to software that is being developed.


  • Hrafn Loftsson, Ph.D.
  • Associate Professor
  • Reykjavík University, School of Computer Science
  • Menntavegi 1, 105 Reykjavík
  • Work phone: +354-5996227 
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