Language Technology for Icelandic 2018-2022 - Project Plan

In the autumn of 2016, the Minister for Education, Illugi Gunnarsson, put together a steering group to oversee the mapping of language technology, and to define a strategy for Icelandic. The group was entrusted with the role of carrying out a status analysis of Icelandic language resources and of making an exact finance and five-year language technology programme. The announcement for the formation of the group said that “in coming years, the increasing effect of computers on our daily lives will demand action from the government to ensure that using Icelandic will be an option in all communications using computers and telecommunications technology. Knowledgeable opinion states that, should no action be taken, the Icelandic language is in grave danger. If the language can be used for communication on all types of smart devices, this will also present great opportunities for Icelandic society.” This report is the conclusion of a workgroup, which the steering group assembled to evaluate the status of Icelandic language technology and to create a five-year project plan.