Pronunciation Dictionary for Icelandic

The Pronunciation Dictionary for Icelandic is a part of the Hjal-project and includes between 50 and 60 thousand phonetically written word forms. The list of word forms is coined from many resources such as the newspaper Morgunblaðið, newly-published novels and the speech corpus of Ístal.

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Part of the Hjal-project was the create a frequency list for Icelandic. The list was combined from many resources: Daily newspaper Morgunblaðið, recent novels, and the Ístal Corpus. ScanSoft decided that the minimum size of the list should be 30.000 word forms but as Icelandic is an inflectional language it was believed that it would be better to create a considerably bigger list and therefore a word list with 50.000 word forms was created. Added to that were words that appeared in sentences and phrases read by participants, so in total the list contains between 50 and 60 thousand words. Three students of LT wrote the material phonetically in SAMPA and Eiríkur Rögnvaldsson then transcribed it to IPA.



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